Saturday, 19 October 2013


So almost a year ago give or take I paid  Jonah Rapp,  a guy I met via the 501st officer's board to make me a pattern for an officer uniform. He seemed on the up and up etc.. blah blah but nothing happened. He promised and had excuses etc and then he vanished I eventually found him on face book where I pm him on the 20th of August 2013 to ask wtf was up. I got this answer:

I've had it mostly done for ages. This... has been a bad year. I won't annoy you with details, but the short version is nothing has gone as planned since about October. I got internet back not too long ago, and I've been re-connecting with various online communities and rebuilding unintentionally burned bridges.
I'm SO sorry I not only didn't get it to you in time for Celebration, but wasn't able to even let you know. Are your and your husband's measurements still the same?

I've messaged him a couple of times since but nothing, no answer, no pattern and no refund so do not buy anything from this guy he's a total rip off and untrustworthy.

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