Sunday, 18 September 2016

The Expanse cos play for Fedcon 2016

We watched a show called The Expanse. It was awesome so I got inspired to do some cosplay for it at FedCon in Germany. As the show had not really hit Germany yet pretty much no one knew what we were doing but we had fun anyway, running around looking like escapees from a power plant sticking up flyers everywhere... REMEMBER THE CANT and have you seen Julie Mau. Here are some pictures. The show wasn't out on dvd / blu ray so getting details was hard not everything here is right but I had a lot of fun trying to get it as right as I could.

We decided not to do any face characters but rather generic dock workers because it would be a little easier to get away with not being so perfect. OPA members, disgruntled with the establishment as we ran around the con looking fierce. I even had the whole belters are downtrodden speech in belter down but there was no opportunity to do that and since no one ( well one person who had read the books knew what we were doing) I held off.

motorcycle boots with bike reflectors for mag boots. 

the patches, iron on self printed transfers ironed onto heavy duty canvas. 

German tank driver's jumpsuits for the work clothes. 

They had cool reflective tape

the back, not 100% show accurate but you got the point. 

Hard hats!

work shirts

we had some fun with it. 

the whole costume package. I even made a "phone"

Remember the cant flyers which we posted all over Fedcon. 

Julie Mau missing posters :)

fun shoot in the Bonn Underground station

me being rude,