Thursday, 11 June 2015

I have become a bag lady

After a conversation with fellow ├╝ber talented squad mate Tie Kai we decided to try our hand at bags and deco. He makes the stickers I make the bags. The 1st couple here are prototypes done with canvas and stencils after that I bought truck cover PVC and experimented with it. You can see the results here. 

Funky hats

Imperial officers hats....

Wookiee hat for a wookiee

Linen lined.

Cosplay Sky fabric for the Imperial "green" officer's uniform.

fully lined.

Tusken male outer robe

The outer robe of this tusken is made from heavy weight cotton canvas. Dyed with tea ( works better than coffee) and dirtied with acrylic paint, a wire brush. The sleeves have small press stud snaps ( as can be seen in original photos)