Thursday, 30 August 2012

the mountain comes to us...

Next year is going to be the mother of all years for Star Wars costume clubs as LFL brings StarWars Celebrations to Germany. This means new costumes so as of now I will be back at it, working hard on the officer's uniforms. New game plan and some good advice mean I think now I have the pattern to where I want it.

stay tuned.

and of course there will be more hats lots and lots of hats.

Friday, 10 August 2012

still on summer break

but at least now I know we won't be moving anywhere any time soon which is great. I also got some much needed advice on the officer's uniform and after the crazy has died down I will be getting back to that. My poor long suffering husband who has been so patiently waiting.

Not much new really, the last hat I made ( just for me) sort of sucked but it was a quick and dirty replacement for mine which I ended up selling ( woot) I'll make more when the crazy dies down.

next adventure is Bayern park.