Wednesday, 22 May 2013

back at it

Things have been put on hold for a while then I did some FedCon stuff ( TOS red shirts) and also tried to get an Idris ( the Doctor's Wife ) costume done but the bodice was a huge FAIL. 

The TOS costumes worked out quite well so that was something at least. The accessories I bought for M as a birthday gift and the tribble found us at FedCon thanks to Dirk's awesome shop.

If I can find some I'll post Idris skirt pictures later.

Now it's back to the Imperial Uniform. I have been waiting on a pattern for the last 7+ months that I bought off a guy on the IOC boards ( he was drafting one with instructions) but that seems to have fallen through, which is to say after the last update in Feb where he said it would arrive in march and it didn't and since then silence, now I'm back on my own to try and at least get Marcus something ready for Legoland. I'm pretty unhappy about the whole situation actually but in the end it's my fault for trusting that when people say they'll do something they actually do it especially when you've already paid them.

One of the things I will be doing is studying the art of tailoring more closely. I should have taken costume studies when I really wanted to back in the day but nope i studied art history instead, about as useless as it gets., since I've now sorted and tidied the sewing niche (again) I will be back at it. My plan is to actually make the civil war uniform the way the instructions tell me so I understand the construction then hopefully altering the pattern will be easier afterwards because right now I am sewing like a blind man in an unfamiliar maze.

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