Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Builds 1 and 2 in pictures

laying out the newly cut pattern

the old build with the concept of a center opening under the flap

Bloody flap is TOO SMALL! grr arrgh. By this point I wanted to burn everything.

and it just didn't fit right because the seam placements were all off.

as you can see here, the princess seams were too far down and the main pack part was too wide.

small under the arm side pieces were just the wrong shape and too small.

layout number 2

the pieces are cut ( it's not all of them because I need to add some stuff but I wanted to put the basic build together just to see if it was worth messing further with.

Princess seams in the right place

right side out, I have to work on the actual sewing of this curve but it's a better start than before.

front side



back which fits him way better than it looks in the picture.

other side.

So today I have to figure out how to create the side pockets ( evenly no less) and set in sleeves and a lining and a collar. Then there's the bottom flaps. We've already worked out that the tunic top is about 2cm too short for his build but since this is a pattern we can work with this before I cut the end fabric.

It's a better fit over all, more snug with better lines, there will be facing and a  lining and all the finishing bits that make it look sharp but in order for em to go there I have to understand how to get there first. I used an old white sheet I had (I have many of these) in the hopes that if this works he could use this as an ISB jacket unofficially.

I will be pouring over every picture I can find online about how people make these to try and figure it out. I'm trying to be positive about it because I really want to make this work, but sometimes it's hard. I feel like a total noob.

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