Sunday, 15 April 2012

Making an Imperial Officer Uniform part 4

Today I bit the bullet and cut the real fabric. Since we actually got the basic body pattern done it was time to take it to that next step. ( EEP!!) This fabric has a grain and a slight pattern as well as a right side and a wrong side so cutting it out means taking care to get it right. It's a green cotton twill for a "green" officer uniform"
The basic pattern laid out so you can see what the pieces look like.
The front ( inside out) the actual right side is a lighter colour. The white thread is a tacked seam only. It will be replaced by the right colour of thread later once we get the fitting done for the sleeves and the rank cylinder pockets-.
view from the side.
View from the back. There is some slight puckering but that's more due to the issues I had fitting the side part with the back princess line. It's curved shape means the seam has to be eased in and that will take some practice on my part.
side, the other.

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